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What is Open Source Software, and how does it differ from proprietary software?

Open source software (OSS) is software that is distributed with its source code, allowing for its use, modification, and distribution under the same terms as commercial software. Most computer users never view source code, which is the code that computer programmers edit to control how a programme or application operates. Programmers with access to source code can alter a programme by adding to it, modifying it, or fixing broken bits. OSS usually comes with a licence that allows programmers to customise the software to their specific needs and decide how it is disseminated.

What are the benefits of using Open Source Software?

Open source software is available for free.

Developers can investigate how the code works and make changes to dysfunctional or problematic elements of the application to better suit their individual needs because open source is adaptable.
Users may rely on open source for long-term projects since they know the code’s creators can’t simply abandon the project or let it fall into disrepair because the source code is freely released.
Open source encourages originality by allowing programmers to improve software by modifying existing code and even creating new ideas.
Open source includes a built-in community that updates and improves the source code on a regular basis.
For new programmers, open source gives excellent learning chances.


At Mate4Tech, we customize open source technology by tailoring it to your business needs. IT Infrastructure Management, Deployment and Integration are enterprise solutions we offer to all businesses.

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Core Expertise


Wide range of CMS development solutions utilizing newest open source technologies which includes (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress)



State-of-the-art E-Commerce solutions to boost your online sales utilizing Magento, osCommerce and PrestaShop


Offering CRM solutions that empower your business to engage your customer successfully and provide a consistent experience utilizing Sugar CRM.



comprehensive range of eLearning solutions utilizing Moodle a truly open source software.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Empowering your business to make informed decisions by utilizing cost-effective open source reporting tools.


Quality Assurance

Effectively testing your Web applications to ensure a flawless and exceptional performance utilizing Selenium Test Tools.


Frame Works

Utilizing Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter and Cake PHP to develop business quick PHP applications that are easy to maintain.



MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, COuchDB



Apache, Nginx, Tomcat