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Understand your practice and your patients

We conduct a thorough exploration of your practice, the services you offer, the community you serve, and the competitive landscape. We also analyze your patient base, including the lifetime value of your patients. By synthesizing all this information, we craft your messaging and marketing strategy.


Smart-focus advertising

Initiate targeted advertising to reach the ideal patients within your vicinity. Through the use of Google and Facebook Ads, we tailor messaging that resonates with various patient demographics—whether they’re procrastinators, switchers, or movers—motivating them to act. We then track the effectiveness of these campaigns using Call Tracking and ROI Reporting to measure the outcomes.


3R Program: Reputation, Reviews & Referrals

Initiate the 3R Program to elevate your practice, setting it on a path to become not only the highest-rated in your area but also the most recommended by satisfied patients. This comprehensive program is designed to refine your patient interactions, enhance your services, and solidify your reputation within the community. By focusing on these key areas, your practice will distinguish itself as a leader in healthcare, fostering a loyal patient base and attracting new clients through positive word-of-mouth. Embrace this opportunity to transform your practice into a beacon of excellence and a preferred choice for healthcare in your community.


SEO and Google My Business

Put into action an SEO and Google My Business Optimization strategy. While SEO efforts require time to fully materialize, the ultimate goal is to elevate your practice into the top 3 search results on Google for the most relevant keywords. This strategic approach is designed to enhance your online visibility and attract more patients by leveraging the power of search engine optimization.


High Revenue Service Program (HRSP)

Create initiatives designed to boost awareness and encourage patient acceptance of premium services. These programs aim to educate and inform patients about the benefits and value of advanced treatment options, leading to increased uptake of high-value services offered by your practice.

dental growth system

A systemized approach to generating and managing new patient leads, that enables new patients to easily get in contact (with smart automation for after-hours and weekends) and you to easily track your ROI.

Patient Lead System

Organize, support, and keep track of new patients all in one handy location, enabling you to monitor their progress from the initial engagement to becoming a scheduled patient. Our goal isn’t to substitute your Practice Management System but rather to enhance it with additional front-end intelligence.

Track on ROI

Many dentists express to us the difficulty in determining whether their advertising investments are paying off. Our call tracking system addresses this issue by enabling you to identify the sources of your calls, whether they originate from Google, Facebook, or other promotional activities. Additionally, there's an option to record these calls, providing a valuable tool for front-desk call training.

Make "getting in contact" easy

We help you make it easy for potential patients to contact you. Highly visible and trackable Click-to-Call numbers, Live Chat that doesn't require staff monitoring, Booking system integrations - all done for you.

High Performance Website

Enhance your website’s visitor-to-patient conversion rate with a site that is both user-friendly and fully optimized. Incorporating both welcoming and professional visuals, alongside the credibility of social proof through reviews, will reassure visitors of your commitment to their care.

reviews collecting system

Become the top-rated highest-profile dentist in you area

Reviews Collection & Management

Achieve the status of the top-rated dentist in your community on both Google and Facebook using our advanced system. Gather strong, positive reviews to not only send a compelling trust signal to prospective patients but also to significantly improve your SEO efforts. This dual benefit boosts your presence, ensuring your dental practice shines brightly on Google Maps and becomes the first choice for quality dental care in your area.

Social Media Management

In a sector where 15% of people are deeply afraid, proving there's nothing to fear is key to winning loyal patients. Regular targeted social media posts serve dual purposes: they remind followers to book appointments and build trust. This approach is especially effective for those who view dental visits with fear or anxiety, transforming apprehension into confidence.

seo and local marketing

Local Listing

Simplify the process for potential local patients to discover your practice. Not only do local listings help residents find you, but they also send positive signals to Google, enhancing your SEO and improving your visibility on Google Maps.

Google Maps and My Business (GMB)

Looking to secure a spot in the all-important Top 3 Google Maps listings for your locale? We're here to fine-tune your Google My Business profile, maximizing your chances to rank prominently in those sought-after "dentist near me" searches.

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